Pyre Inspired Illustrated Campaign
Ben kalicky downsideprairie
Ben kalicky springofjomuer
Ben kalicky cairnofhaub
Ben kalicky flagginghands
Ben kalicky seaofsolis
Ben kalicky blackbasin
Ben kalicky gladeofarizech
Ben kalicky mountalodiel
Ben kalicky slugmarket
Pyre Inspired Illustrated Campaign

All the finalized artwork for a tabletop-style game campaign based off Supergiant Games recent title Pyre.

For this project, I painted eight unique environments for players to travel through, meeting and interacting with new characters in each location.
For ease of gameplay, I designed a "heads up display" element in the lower corner to keep track of party members. I also put together a market screen for players to purchase new items for use in the game.

All artwork was illustrated and compiled in Adobe Photoshop.

While all of my work is based on references and worlds from the game Pyre, neither this project nor I am associated with Supergiant Games.

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