Demonforge Aatrox | Character Skin Concept
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Demonforge Aatrox | Character Skin Concept

Forged in an undying flame - Demonforge Aatrox is an original skin concept for Riot Games' champion, Aatrox.
This project was done for fun as fan art and is in no other way connected with Riot or League of Legends.

The intention behind the Demonforge reskin was to identify the visual fantasy of the existent character, Aatrox, and amplify it; to take everything players would get excited about with the design of Aatrox and push it even further.

The key to making the skin read successfully was ensuring all the core elements of Aatrox's original design would still be quickly and easily recognized, even in a game as fast paced as League. I identified his headpiece, wings, and his unique sword as the most defining and recognizable elements that needed to still quickly read as 'Aatrox'.

The finished project showcases two explorations on the final design, as well as a back view and illustration of his weapon. Two illustrations from an in game perspective are also included.

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